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-=SoP=-Rules, reposted

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:07 pm Post subject: No icon -=SoP=-Rules, reposted Reply with quote

These are the "rules" that -=SoP=- was founded under and will continue to follow. It seems that , as of late, they need to be reposted.

-=SOP=- Rules & Code of Conduct


The Server Game Style is Camp-N-Stalk and will maintain that. This is limited to a Camping or Stalking style of game play. Movement is allowed but should be kept to a minimum. Our goal is to maintain a cat and mouse type scenario pitting player’s wits and cunning against each other. Giving the player the ability to HUNT is a critical element in this style, but to hunt while crouched.


Do not publicly accuse anyone of cheating. If you think that someone is cheating then this needs to be handled then tell the appropriate person.  We can view the server logs and question other players to verify cheating. It is a serious accusation and never taken lightly. It is often a difficult thing to prove. If it can be proven then the player will be permanently banned.


No Run-N-Gun of any kind.
Stealthy movement is allowed. You can stalk or hunt around the map moving in a stealthy manner looking for kills. Movement is to be kept to a slow and cautious pace avoiding anything that resembles Run-N-Gun tactics.

You can run when…   You can run under spawn protection to get to a safe location.  You can run when being forced to cross an open area or forced to find a safer spot while being assaulted.  In other words running is a last resort measure to be used for self preservation.  Not as a means of normal navigation. Do not abuse this freedom of movement.

Do NOT use Dropped Images. This is a flaw in the UT game engine where a players image drops to a solid surface below where they actually are. This can happen in areas like Teleporters, Player Starts and Spawn locations that have been placed in the maps well above a solid surface. Some edges of structures can also cause this. This is considered cheating and you will be warned.


Revenge Killing is allowed as long as it is done within reason. Don't run across the map to do it.

Assaulting is allowed. This is defined as pursuing, stalking or hunting a player and attacking them at close range. This is acceptable if done in a stealthy manner.

Spawning. When a player spawns into an area that is already occupied then the spawner must leave the area.  The player that already occupies the area, as a courtesy, should allow the spawner to leave without following or assaulting them.  This however is left to the discretion of the player.

Spawn Shooting or Assaulting while spawning is not allowed. This is defined as the act of using your spawn protection to assault another player.  Killing others by any method while under spawn protection is not allowed.  This includes telefragging or shooting at other players while you are under spawn protection.

Shooting Spawners is not allowed. This is defined as shooting at players who have just spawned and are under spawn protection. This happens a lot by accident. Take this into account before accusing others of Spawn Shooting. Yes the bots will spawn shoot. GET OVER IT!

No Teleporter or Spawn Camping. This is defined as purposely lingering near teleporter locations while focused on the location with the sole intent to kill folks as they pop through. It is of course understood that a player will monitor spawn locations from a distance for a tactical advantage. This is acceptable and not the same as Teleporter Camping. EXAMPLE: If a player is camping in a room or confined space that has nothing but a teleporter(s) in it then they are Teleporter Camping.


Scoring is setup so that if you die you are penalized by losing a frag. Without this a player simply has to have the most frags to win a game regardless of how often he dies.  So the equation for Scoring is “Score = Frags – Deaths”.


The only time that a players location should be told is during a team game.


Do not make posts that are designed to be argumentative, create drama or to antagonize others.

Do not post accusations about players or members in the public forums.  If you wish to post something in this regards please use the Members Section.

If you have problems with other folks you need to resolve these problems privately.

Any content that is deemed as inappropriate or designed to create problems will be edited or deleted.  


There are scenarios that can be followed or not followed. They are "niceties" that are left to a player's discretion. If you are shot or shoot in one of these don't
complain about it. Either maintain your playstyle or remember that person when you come across them next time.


Lead by example. Maintaining this and following the rules will ensure that we protect and preserve the integrity of our clan's reputation.  
Offer a player a fair game and they will come back to play whether they win or lose. We cannot expect others to follow our rules if we don’t follow them ourselves.

These are some of the rules that this clan was originally built on and will be maintained. There are a lot of servers out there that accommodate all kinds of playstyles
that you can play on.

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